School Lunch information

Our lunches are prepared and delivered daily by our partner the School District of Holmen. As a National School Lunch Program participant each child receives one serving of a fruit or veggie daily! Lunch menus are posted monthly and can be found at this Link.

Student Lunch $3.60 (includes one milk)

Adult/Staff/Visitor Lunch $4.25 (includes one milk)

Cold Lunch Milk OR Additional Hot Lunch Milk $0.50 each

(Daily milk options include Chocolate 1%, 1% White, and Skim)

Our food service begins the first day of school. Please ensure your child is prepared to order and that payment for lunches has been made prior to ordering. If you are a parent or visitor and plan to order a hot lunch on a given day, please let the school office know by 8:00 AM the day you plan to eat hot lunch.

Hot lunch orders are taken daily by your child’s teacher. Each day there are two main entrée options. Also, each day a preorder is taken by the teachers to give Holmen an indication of how many lunches they need to prepare for the next day. It is important for your child to know their daily option and for the next day if they are taking hot or cold lunch as it affects our order and preorder numbers. Thank you in advance!

If your child will be late for school due to an appointment or other circumstance, please send him/her with a cold lunch or call the school office to order lunch for your child by 8 AM that day. Since our lunches are ordered we cannot guarantee we will have a hot lunch for your child if they come to school late and are in need of a hot lunch. If your child orders a lunch, but goes home sick or leaves for an appointment, you will not be charged for that lunch. However, St. Paul’s will still be charged. Please help your child understand their daily schedule so that extra lunches are not ordered. We would like to continue to keep the cost of hot lunch affordable where additional program costs may increase the price of student lunches in the future.

Students who order and take a hot lunch daily may come up for seconds once they have finished their hot lunch. Seconds include any item off of the salad bar. Students must let the checker know they would like seconds, and they will be given a bowl and allowed to take additional fruits or veggies off the salad bar. Main entrees, hot sides, some prepackaged food items, and milk are not included in seconds. If needed, a full policy can be found under “Files” on ParentSquare.

Hot lunch account payments are accepted daily. You may send payment with your child or drop off your payment in the school office. We accept cash and check. Please make checks out to St. Paul’s. Please place cash payments in an envelope that is clearly labeled with the student or family name.

We will continue to use Educate,, as our hot lunch processing system. Each family will have one hot lunch account for all children. Please note, this is a different system from TADS where you conduct your tuition management. You will need a separate username and password to login and view your hot lunch balance and hot lunch history. Links to Educate can be found on ParentSquare and on our website. If you have any questions on how to login to Educate, please contact Stacy Waldner at

Payments can be made on any day in any amount, but should always be made before purchases are made.

Any unused balance at the end of the year is carried over to the next school year. Refunds will be made for families not returning to St. Paul's if the amount is more than $1.

According to DPI regulations, we are not allowed to have family lunch accounts keep a negative balance.

There are many ways in which we help remind parents to make payments. (Note: All notifications will be sent to the parent/guardian that was selected during TADS enrollment. If that contact needs to be changed throughout the year, please contact Stacy Waldner at

Throughout the year, if an account is $10 or lower parents will receive an automated weekly message alerting that payment for the account needs to be paid soon. If a family account goes negative, parents will receive an automated message daily until payment is made.

The Board of Education has approved a policy that if an account becomes -$30 and do not make payment, the children of the family may be at risk for not receiving hot lunch meals until payment is made.

As a part of the National School Lunch Program, St. Paul’s is able to offer its students free and reduced lunches. Parents interested in applying for Free and Reduced Lunch at any time during the school year can do so three ways:

1. Visit ParentSquare and find application information under “Files.” (St. Paul's families only)

2. Stop by the school office, during office hours, to pick up an application packet.

3. Visit the State website for more more information

    - How to Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch

    - Click Here for Free and Reduced Application

    - Click Here for Free and Reduced Lunch FAQ

Once application is complete, it should be returned to the school office. Parents will be notified with a decision within 72 hours by Stacy Waldner, Food Service Director. Questions may be directed to Stacy Waldner at

Our hot lunch program depends heavily upon our wonderful parent and church member volunteers. Openings are now available for serving and checking! Members of ParentSquare may join the Hot Lunch group located under “Participate” > “Groups." Those who do will then receive hot lunch communications and posts and have the ability to sign up on the posted calendars within ParentSquare. Grandparents or other special volunteers that would like to help may be signed up within ParentSquare by someone who is a member of the group. We ask that the helper's name be added in the notes section. Another option is to sign up using the posted paper calendars located in the church/school kitchen.

Daily, we need two servers and one checker. There is some light set up and clean up before and after lunch. These positions begin at 11 AM and end at 1PM, in most cases helpers are done earlier. Volunteer do receive a free meal for serving! There is no prior serving or checking experience needed. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does require some annual training that can usually be completed 15 minutes before your first shift of the year. Some volunteers help a specific day every week, while others help out as their schedule allows. Those who would like to be a volunteer or be added to our sub list in the event a volunteer is unable to work on a scheduled day please let Stacy Waldner, Food Service Director know at Thank you in advance to all of our wonderful volunteers!

St. Paul’s has a local wellness policy which guides our efforts in creating a healthy environment where students can learn and grow. A copy of our policy can be found under “Files” on ParentSquare or it can be found HERE.

If you have questions, please contact me at or 608-783-4822 X346. Or you can send me a message on ParentSquare.