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Music & the Arts

At St. Paul's, students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of music and arts activities.

Science and Fine Arts

La Crosse Area Lutheran Schools work together to host both a fall and a spring Science and Fine Arts Fair.  The fall fair includes arts and crafts, math, chess, spelling, and vocals.  The Spring fair includes forensics, science, social studies, piano, and instrumental performance.  Visit the La Crosse Area Lutheran Schools website for further details.

School Plays

Each year, there are opportunities for students to be involved in plays, musicals, or other entertainment events.  Our early childhood children offer a production each Spring.  Students in grades 1-4 and 5-8 rotate each school year.  Lower-grade productions are generally spring performances, while upper grades typically host a fall performance. 


Private piano lessons are available during and after the school day.  Contact the school office for the names and contact information of current piano teachers.


The St. Paul's Junior Choir exists to give students in grades 3-8 an opportunity to praise God with the gift of their voices. Throughout the year, we sing for church services and festivals at Luther High School. Junior Choir meets on Wednesday afternoons during the school day.

Lutheran Elementary School Band Program

Participation in the Jr. Knights Band Program is a fun and rewarding experience. Besides learning to play a musical instrument, students learn to perform in solo and group situations. In these groups, they meet students from other Luther High School Association schools and are involved in making music with them. Students also are able to showcase their God-given abilities at several concerts throughout the year. 


Students will have lessons with a Luther High School music instructor at St. Paul’s. Group rehearsals will be at Luther High School. If your child cannot attend a rehearsal or performance, please contact the band director.


Students will receive about 26 lessons each year, each 20 minutes in length. There also will be 15-20 group band rehearsals to prepare for various concerts and performances throughout the year. 


If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact the program director, Emily Schmidt, at (608) 783-5435 ext. 1322 or

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